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Pollution Control Equipment Exporters

Our company is the leading Pollution Control Equipment Exporters in India, & the best quality of the PCE are provided by us which can easily control the pollutions. We have a great experience in this field & have served thousand of clientsacross the country.

Sumit Enterprise make use of the best quality raw materials which makes this control equipment superior one & they are enriched with all the latest technology features which makes their installation & operation an easy process.

The pollution control equipment scrubbing system can be designed using the FRP, FRV, FRP/PP, FRP/PVC, etc. & can be customized as per the client requirements. They can easily collect the wide range of the fumes like gas fumes dust, acid fumes (H2SO4, HCL, HNO3), fuel gas, furnace gas & other gas effluent.


The features of the Pollution Control Equipment provided by the SUMIT are stated below

  • Superior quality
  • Easy installation
  • Less maintenance
  • Can treat all types of particulate matters
  • Affordable price
  • Environment friendly

And, in order to select the perfect scrubber system for the clients it depends on the factors like area, quantity of gas, flow of gas, type of gas, etc. This pollution control system are must for the industries as during the production process the emission of the hazardous might be done so these PCE helps in controlling of the pollution to a great extent.

We are also the prime Pollution Control Equipment suppliers in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Rajasthan, etc.